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Do you have a child that suffers from chronic illness? Sibling with cancer? Best friend with terminal illness?

Nominate them for a FREE photoshoot!

" Life is to short to not capture our most sacred moments with those with whom we love most,

give us the gift of capturing them! "

- Katelyn Anderson


What is UHP? Umber Heart Project.

What is Umber? Umber is a shade of Red. In a sense, this is the Red Heart Project.

Why was this project started? To reach out to families that have a parent, child or friend with chronic or terminal illness. 

How long are the photoshoots?  Photoshoots are tailored to the needs of the individual being photographed.

How do I nominate someone? Write us! In your nomination write a few paragraphs about the individual you are nominating, even if you are nominating yourself. What makes you a warrior? What keeps you fighting? Who are you? We want to hear your story.

Are you going to share my story? Not without consent. Your story remains private unless you give us written consent to disclose it.

Do you accept all nominations? We intend to accept as many as we can take on. 

What is your inspiration? A book. Sharing the strength behind individuals, their families and friends that deal with the daily struggle of living with chronic or terminal illness. We can't guarantee it will get published, or will come to fruition but this is the ultimate goal. The more willing you are to share your story, the  higher chance this project will be a success. 

Why are you doing this? To spread awareness. Awareness about invisible illness, invisible disabilities, terminal illness, chronic illness that affects millions of families, illness that has transformed lives, individuals who have found joy despite adversity. 

Is UHP a personal project? UHP is a personal project to Katelyn. She has fought her own battle with chronic illness, specifically Dysautonomia, EDS and CSF leak (cerebral spine fluid leak) and has a younger brother with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma (Grade 3 Brain Cancer). After major spine surgery in 2017 Katelyn's quality of life greatly improved and feels its time to spread awareness and give back to the community.


Share your strength with us and in return we will share our photography skills with you!